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So few times on here do i really not talk about fitness but i want to say something. I have big decisions to make this year and it starts with my life after school. I need to find a good job and a place to live. My current plan is to go to nyc. I want to do something in health promotion or in IS (info systems). I have spent the last 3 years struggling through my life and made many life changing decisions. I want to move forward in my life and it all starts after this semester… I want 3 things in the next 2 years. To be married to my amazing gf, have a child, and be finacially secure. It all starts here by busting my butt and not whining. I have to take what is mine and be great. I wanted to say to everyone dont give up on your dreams, but dont wait for opportunity to knock. You have to break that damn door down and take what is yours. The only way that you can do that is by hard work. #dbwh people

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